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Welcome to Kent, the home of the hop, guardian of a venerable brewing tradition and a place right at the forefront of a beery renaissance!

Think that's a bold claim? Well, we had the first hop gardens on these islands and historically were the biggest producer of hops (we needed most of London to come down and help pick them!) and all because we have just the right combination of soils, climate and location. But hops is only half the story, we're brewing masters too! You'll find a double score (and more) of breweries across the county, each populated with passionate, knowledgeable and innovative characters who truly care about their beer.

The best part? You'll find more pubs than you can shake a stick at (traditional and micro), more beers than you ever imagined and more interesting tastes than you were

Trail Guides

We want to inspire you with the amazing food and drink of Kent. From products grown here for hundreds of years to 21st century innovations, food and drink has shaped the landscape of our wonderful county and we hope you enjoy exploring all it has to offer.

This series of guides will introduce you to a whole range of fabulous food and drink from the Garden of England. Enjoy!