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Be they red, green, sharp, sweet, crunchy or creamy we continue a definite love affair with their shiny, spherical, little selves to this very day. And that's never truer than right here in Kent, the beating heart of apple country!

To say Kent is synonymous with apples is an understatement; we grow two thirds of the UK's entire apple crop, grow more varieties than you can shake a stick at, live in a county carpeted by abundant orchards, specialise in some truly astonishing craft cider and juices - Kent is simply apple heaven!

Kent also has a long apple-coloured history but what's really exciting is what's happening in Kent right now, as science pushes the boundaries.

So take a big bite and join us for the truly scrumptious story of England's Apple County.

Trail Guides

We want to inspire you with the amazing food and drink of Kent. From products grown here for hundreds of years to 21st century innovations, food and drink has shaped the landscape of our wonderful county and we hope you enjoy exploring all it has to offer.

This series of guides will introduce you to a whole range of fabulous food and drink from the Garden of England. Enjoy!